Have a had a busy week with Daniel's birthday & September arriving.
Have figured out how to send my Onenote journals to Blogger, but haven't managed photos yet.
This week I scanned up all my completed blocks for DJ & also uploaded them to My Virtual Design Wall courtesy of Sharon Mastbrook. I would like to make the image a little bigger & will have to figure out how to do that.
I will try & upload the screen print for mvdw. Not fantastic - I deleted it :-(
I might attempt to upload a block:

A1 - Pinwheel Gone Awry                 A2 - One-Two Buckle My Shoe 
A3 - Hunter's Moon                            A11 - Pebble's Protest
A12 - Framed Fancy                            B4 - Chris's Soccer Field
B6 - Wild Goose Chase                         F8 - Church Window
G4 - Shutterbug                                     G9 - Mary's Journey
H11 - Piercing Rays                              I13 - Sweet Harmony
M1 - Dogwood Days                             M2 - Duff's Bluff
M8 - Enchanted Square                           M12 - Hopscotch
  TR1 - Spanish Moss                                TR2 - Australian Pines
These images upload so easily :-)
The triangles look a bit wonky - but they will be okay once sewn in. I took up the advice of completing them as I go & think this will work well.
Until next time :-)