I have decided it will happen. So may as well start now.
My first official blogging.
I have been subscribing to & reading blogs a lot in the last few weeks. It is enjoyable.
I'm not sure if I will enjoy so much the writing of my own, but I will give it a go & see.

I am Carolyn. I live in Brisbane & work in the area of water quality & aquatic ecology.
I am married and have two sons, one is 27 & the other 17.
I am interested in natural science & the environment. I love wine & food. I love travelling & meeting new people from other cultures & backgrounds.
I am interested in traditional crafts, design & art.

Most of all I love textiles. Woven, knitted, embroidered, stamped, dyed.

I love fabrics - new & old.

I have been keeping a quilting journal for a while now, well since I started working on my Dear Jane.
I have also attempted to update my journal with everything I can remember about quilts and cross-stitch that I have completed over the last 27 years or so.
Hopefully I will figure out how to update with photos too so thaat I will have a good record of my travels through creative pursuits.

I am currently working on Dear Jane in brights, batiks & black. I have completed 11 blocks & almost one triangle. I think the best piece of advice I have seen, from a scquilter (can't remember who, but will look it up), is to complete triangles along with the blocks. I had not even considerd this, but it makes so much sense. I can just imagine getting to the end of the blocks & saying OMG - all those triangles to do!!
I have just taken part in a DJ block swap with 1930's fabrics. A real challenge for me 'cause I have JUST started doing the blocks, AND I'm not really fond of 1930's fabrics. However, they look great and i planning on putting them around an appliqued centre from the Aunt Millie's Garden patterns. I think they will look good arranged around flower garden.

I have also just begun Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I decided to do this with a friend who has just begun sewing. We are doing it at Sewco in Brisbane. A friendly, casual group get-together once a month to work our way through the blocks. I have completed 3 blocks & have helped my friend do 5. I'm not sure if this hobby is really what she wants to do, but she will give it a go & see.

I am also working on an applique piece from a recent Quilters Companion magazine & would like to start soon on a Michele Hill design from her new William Morris book - just beautiful work.

As you may be able to tell - I love starting new projects. I know I am not alone with this :-)
My plan for this year is to finish some.
I do love starting them. I love when they are all fresh & new ideas. I love choosing the fabric. I love cutting the fabric & seeing how it goes together. I love the thrill of those first stitches.
As I said, the plan is to finish some.....

Hopefully I will remember to update this blog :-)
and put up some photos