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I have not posted for over two years and am determined to update this blog with my quilting journey more regularly this year. I have continued to stitch & quilt over the past two years, but have been so busy with work & other activities that I have not maintained the blog. This is a pity as it was a great way for me to see what I have accomplished and to keep a record of these achievements.
I have been working on this applique over the last year

I will post some photos of these two years over the next few entries.

These photos are of a hand-stitched applique that I have been sewing over the past year.
If I can work on it some more this week I should finish it soon

I am calling the quilt "The Edith Lily Quilt" after my niece.

The centre & border designs are from Aunt Millie's Garden by Piece O'Cake Designs.

The outer corners are my interpretation of a traditional pattern using Marti Michell Carolina Lily templates.

Joseph's Coat Quilt Along
I have enjoyed the hand sewing and have continued with my other hand sew project:  the Joseph's Coat Quilt Along.

I am continuing to make blocks for this but am also
beginning to join them together so that I can understand the construction and work out how big I want it to be.

Joseph's Coat

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I have done one block for the Joseph's Coat quilt-along. I like my fabrics, but not happy with my technique. I think maybe my tension is too much - it seems to be pulled too tight. It got better as I went along, hopefully my second will be better.

The Curve-meister

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I bough a Curve Master foot at the Craft show. There is definitely a skill in using it. I have made LOTS of curved blocks for practice. I found that using a small stitch - about 1.4 - gave me the best results. This is a piece I put together. They weren't all perfect, but some were, & I think it looks ok :-)

I have also done one practice block of Kaffe's Pickle Dish quilt to see if I can use the curvemaster for these blocks. I'll scan it when it is complete.

I am taking part in the Don't Look Now blog quilt along with a Joseph's Coat quilt. I love this pattern and have ordered some fine cotton from The Thimblelady for my background. I think I am going to do it in greens and blues. I bought some Benartex "Day dreamer" fabrics the other day & think they will go well with some others that I have in my stash.

Great Giveaway

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Jackie has a great giveaway here at her blog Canton Village Quilt Works
...and I have figured out how to put a link into a title!!! Bonus.

I have been doing more blocks - both for SBS and DJ, just haven't scanned up any for a while.

It was the Qld Quilt  show last weekend - a great show and the 25th anniversary of Queensland Quilters
You can see the winners here.

I was busy keeping our crafting industry going, by spending!!  I bought a curvemaster foot - hopefully will try it out today.
I am also the owner of the new Kaffe Fassett book "quilt romance" it is delicious and I want to make the cover quilt, a pickle dish pattern. very nice.

More later,

Great patterns here

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Lovely site, beautiful patterns.  Just about to start a great quilt along using Orange Peel pattern:

Loving reading other people's blogs at the moment

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Beautiful new fabrics "Dolce" from this designer, Tanya Whelan

Back from Sydney: Lesley-Ann & Nathan's Wedding

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Was in Sydney on the weekend for my young cousin's wedding, Lesley-Ann & her fiance Nathan. A lovely, but windy, weekend.
The wedding was beautiful. They married in St Peter's at North Sydney, where our great-grandparents and many other family members have married.

  I am still having problems getting the photos to go where I want them to be :-(   I have taken some photos of some of the pieces I am currently working on.
I have also completed some more DJ blocks & some SBS blocks, although I haven't scanned them yet.

We have had some nice spring weather in Brisbane followed by something wild, windy & dusty. My wisteria is flowering, very nice.


My Pomegranate Sampler, completed in 2007. This is the first time I have scanned in & I am happy with the detail you can see in the scan - I have uploaded the large scan.

I will scan up the SBS blocks next,