Was in Sydney on the weekend for my young cousin's wedding, Lesley-Ann & her fiance Nathan. A lovely, but windy, weekend.
The wedding was beautiful. They married in St Peter's at North Sydney, where our great-grandparents and many other family members have married.

  I am still having problems getting the photos to go where I want them to be :-(   I have taken some photos of some of the pieces I am currently working on.
I have also completed some more DJ blocks & some SBS blocks, although I haven't scanned them yet.

We have had some nice spring weather in Brisbane followed by something wild, windy & dusty. My wisteria is flowering, very nice.


My Pomegranate Sampler, completed in 2007. This is the first time I have scanned in & I am happy with the detail you can see in the scan - I have uploaded the large scan.

I will scan up the SBS blocks next,