Named on Saturday 6th September 2008: Spring Jane

The plan is to use Kaffe Fassett and other similarly bright, bold or "spring-like" fabrics with a black background.

Machine & hand-pieced.

Probably machine quilted

Progress will be reported.

Sunday 8th March, 2009

Bought Dear Jane CD to allow printing of patterns.

Designed in programme using Kaffe, batik & bright fabric swatches.

Sunday 15th March, 2009

Started printing up patterns.

Friday 3rd April, 2009

Made Block A1 & A2 decided to use black tone-on-tones or black batiks as backgrounds. They don't have to be the same - just as long as they are similar. The bindings and borders will be a different black.

A1: most of the points are good, just one that I'm not happy with. I can always redo this one.

A2: have discovered that making it the "Jane-way" means making it bigger and then cutting it to size. I can see the benefit of this - but I don't like the waste. I will probably make them smaller, with less waste. Also realised that the block tips do not include tips for all parts of the block, nor instructions to make the block. Looks like I will have to pay more attention to the block construction after all. Printed up instructions for making Flying geese the easy way.

Sat 4th Apr, 2009

No sewing today. Rearranged sewing space. Quite happy with what I accomplished. More to do tomorrow. Still contemplating whether to start again and do all by hand or just muddle along doing some by hand and some by machine. Certainly there are some difficult blocks & applique blocks that will have to be done by had. Will read tips & see what others have done. On the DJ list there is a Spring Swap being organised from now to June. Blocks in 30's reproductions & muslin. Could be good. Have to read through all the instructions to see if I could fit it in.

Tues 21st Apr, 2009

Have completed 4 blocks now: A1, A2, A3 & B6. Hunters Moon I did by hand with templates. This was HARD - I have noticed that a lot of people use a plain square base & then applique the melons on top - or even more of a cheater, they cut this plain square on both diagonals, resew & then applique the melons - so it looks the same with the side seams, but much easier then sewing the curves.

Have joined the Spring Fling swap and are doing these 6 blocks: B6, F8, G4, G9, I13 and M8. I had a look at some of the photos of other peoples blocks - the quilters muslin background looks quite different to what my quilters muslin looks like - much whiter. Will have to go to the shop & take a look at theirs.

Also started going to Free Block classes at Sewco & have signed up to get kits for the free blocks. They will be making a lovely oriental style quilt with the free blocks every month & I thought Daniel would like it. Daniel & JJ are having an engagement party on the first weekend in May.

Thurs 23rd Apr, 2009

My Uncle Bob died yesterday afternoon after being ill for a while. Sad news.

I went to Sewco on Tuesday morning and bought 2m of quilters muslin - it is definitely different to what I thought, much whiter & lighter. I also bought some bobbin-fill to use when I sew the circles in the free block quilt.

Sat 25th Apr, 2009 ANZAC DAY

Finished preparing fabric for block swaps & cut out all the papers for the first block I'm doing, B6 - Wild Goose Chase.

I also completed the basic Churn dash block for my free block class - just have to attach the circle - awaiting the vilene M250? To stick it on with. Also cut out & sewed all the half square triangles and rectangles for the free block quilt that I will make for Daniel. Unfortunately I read the instructions incorrectly & made blocks that were 2" instead of 2.5" - I thought finished size was the size of the block I was making, not the piece of the block! Doh! Oh well, had enough fabric & pieces to redo the ones that I got wrong, but I have lots of half square triangle blocks at 2" now to do something with :-) I have to buy more background fabric to make the block centres too. Shops are closed today for ANZAC Day so will have to get it tomorrow. Today I will cut out blocks for a bottle quilt for Spencer's birthday, maybe even begin sewing.

Sun 26th Apr, 2009

Walked down to Sewco & back through reserve. It took a long time but was not as difficult up & down the hills as I thought it might be. They were closed for ANZAC Day (I knew this before I went) but I had a good window shop in all the shops. I am walking back there today to pick up the extra stuff I need.

Sewed all I could of the churn dash blocks, cut out most of the blocks for the Bugs in Bottles for Spencer and began the B6 blocks - did all the centres. Very happy with what I accomplished yesterday. I set up my ipod the other day in the old computer speakers so that I can plug in & play straight from my ipod. I updated everything yesterday - it is gas!